Google Web Analytics AnalysisGoogle Web Analytics Analysis

Google Web Analytics is a powerful tool that helps review and manage a website's success. While this tool is free, it still needs to be properly implemented and monitored. The tool itself is worthless if nobody is there to review it and make educated adjustments based on this wealth of knowledge. .

This valuable resource enables advertisers to learn great detail about their visitors and where they are coming from. This single interface can be used to monitor your website's overall results and success. It can be used to identify and resolve problems with your website as well as discover questionable sources of traffic that may be getting paid for and possibly discontinued. An example of this would be if an advertiser were using Yahoo Content Match and did not realize that many "unauthentic" clicks were coming from questionable sources as a result. If Google Web Analytics indicates that the average user from those sites in question is 0 seconds, than the advertiser now knows that this is a site that should be blocked at Yahoo. We have seen numerous examples where advertisers were able to obtain various nuggets of value from their Google Web Analytics data.

Once implemented, Google Web Analytics makes it easy to view where your visitors are coming from. Learn if they are coming from search engines or elsewhere and see which specific terms were searched for via PPC as well as SEO. Google Web Analytics enables conversion tracking capabilities across multiple platforms. This tool is a must for business that are looking to maximize the results of their advertising efforts.

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